The Maisies

Chantelle Wilson
Michele Kaye
Andrea Loren
The only thing better than listenning to the sultry and
sassy tones of one beautiful songstress is listening to
three. Chantelle Wilson, Michele Kaye and Andrea Loren
form the exciting and highly entertaining vocal group
known as The Maisies. Inspired by the beautiful harmonies
of vintage girl groups The Maisies have created an eclectic
mix of swing, blues, country, Latin and pop songs all
performed in a unique style all their own. All three ladies
are accomplished singers having performed in venues around
the world to thousands of delighted audience members.
Chantelle Wilson, the founder of The Maisies, is a former
member of the popular jazz group Swing Rosie which received
praise throughout North America for their inspired three part
harmony sound. Chantelle is joined by soprano Michele Kaye
who has performed all over the world mesmerizing audiences
with her playful takes on jazz standards as well as her original
music. Andrea Loren rounds out this dynamic trio. Having performed
in numerous musical theatre productions Andrea adds her rich mezzo
voice and spirited delivery to this vibrant threesome.