The Rex’s Annual Funky New Year’s Eve Bash Featuring

 Funk, Soul and R&B Classics

Lester McLean – Vocals & Sax, Michael Occhipinti – Guitar

Paul Neufeld – Keyboards, Nikku Nayar – Bass, Mark McLean – Drums

GrooveYard is a sizzling, soulful band that puts its own unique spin on a wide array of music, and is centred on the talents of 1996 JUNO Award winners, and four-time JUNO nominees Michael Occhipinti and Paul Neufeld of the group NOJO (Neufeld-Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra), the Colour of Soul’s Lester McLean on vocals and saxophone, and the rhythm section of Mike Pellarin (bass) and Mark McLean (drums).
GrooveYard performs in a variety of settings, including corporate functions, weddings, local music clubs, and private parties. The group ranges in size from a quintet to a larger band that can include an additional female vocalist and a great R&B horn section. The versatility and skills of the musicians in the band allow GrooveYard to effortlessly switch from elegant jazz to funky dance music, and audiences are always impressed by the repertoire of the band and the high level of musicianship with which it is performed. Frontman Lester McLean is doubly gifted with a dynamic singing voice and a natural gift for getting audiences to have a great time, which is what GrooveYard is all about.