Tony Malaby (NYC) with Kayos Theory

Kayos Theory is:

Jonathan Kay – Saxophones

Andrew Kay – Saxophones, Tibetan Singing Bowls & Percussion

Justin Gray – Upright Bass

Derek Gray – Percussion

Adam Teixeira – Drums & Cymbals

with Special Guest: Tony Malaby – Saxophone

Kayos Theory is a creative improvisational ensemble conceived by Jonathan & Andrew Kay to explore the synthesis of the East and West in an innovative yet mystical musical expression.  Influenced by the sonic realms of India’s spiritual and musical traditions, Kayos Theory weaves a potent tapestry inspired by the transcendental atmospheres of the ancient India Raga.

  The saxophone brothers, Jonathan and Andrew Kay, weave cascading lattices of melodic harmony while Justin Gray and Adam Teixeira accompany on the acoustic bass and drums respectively with percussive soundscapes and earthy grooves.  Over the years this ensemble has devoted sincere time to cultivating an intuitive and psychic bond reflected by their inspirational and powerful performances.

  Focusing recently on the development of an innovative new composition, the Experiments of Truth Suite is a through-composed improvisational vehicle intended to symbolically and mystically express the journey of individual and cosmic consciousness.  Based on the fundamental principals of ancient Indian Philosophy and it’s system of Nada Yoga, the Path of liberation through sound and music, the Suite aims to guide the musician and listener on a meditative journey deep within, establishing a direct identification and connection with the Inner being.

  Kayos Theory are deeply inspired by John Coltrane and have immersed themselves in the exploration of his later period music and are dedicated to continuing his lineage and search for a ‘multicultural theory of musical transcendence’.

  Kayos Theory has been fortunate to feature some of Canada’s finest creative musicians and saxophone players including Pat LaBarbera, David Mott and Mike Murley.  Kayos Theory is currently working of the multi-media release of their first album The Experiments of Truth Suite featuring David Mott.