Topher Stott

Topher Stott, drummer and percussionist, holds a BFA-Music from York University (Toronto), where he focused on Carnatic music with Trichy Sankaran, improvisation with Casey Sokol, and jazz. Recently Topher was happily surprised to be asked back to York, acting a professor in the modern improvisation program.
Topher has studied in private lessons with Andy Newmark, Joey Baron and Joe Morello. As a performer, Topher has specialized in drumset and percussion/hand drums as a hired gun with a variety of artists in the fields of rock, folk, jazz, world music, funk, pop and improvisation including Karen Durrant, Laurel James, Janet Whiteway, Phillip Sayce, Jeff Healey, Stop Die, Andrea Florian, Bruce Gordon. As a leader, Topher runs the Squawking Heads, a deep ambient groove project, and co leads both the Tiny Specks (Garage jazz) and The True Hot fo’ Gandhi (live Jungle/Funk) with Adam Faux.