Trevor Watts and Veryan Weston (U.K.)

Catch them before they play Guelph Festival on the 10th Sep!!
They had a very successful tour in North America in June/July 2011 which was also a promotional tour for their new CD called ‘5 More Dialogues’ Emanem 5017, Veryan Weston & Trevor Watts present a music that they played a part in innovating and developing in the ’60s in the U.K along with others like John Stevens, Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, and which reflects the very conversational nature of improvisation. The language they helped develop is now played Worldwide.
‘Watts is full voiced, persistently melodic as much of the earth as of the sky and it’s birds, as if he has collected and become something of Africa and the entire World of his music along the way. Weston’s notes seem to stream endlessly from the imagination of his fingers, falling like permanent sunlit rain all through the music. This is a colloquy of experience, played with a profound reach of empathy, with both musicians playing and voicing out their lives!’.
‘Active now for more than 40 years, saxophonist Watts has carved out a multifaceted niche, assuming prominent roles with the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Amalgam, Moiré Music and, more recently, The Celebration Orchestra. His music opens out on more than one front, embracing global sounds as well as jazz and free blowing. Arguably, he’s been undervalued as a consequence. Pianist Weston is an impressive, idiosyncratic performer whose decidedly unlocked hands have goaded Lol Coxhill’s soprano and Phil Minton’s voice to some of their finest moments on record. On these six pieces Weston simultaneously supports and tests Watts, who responds with the kind of hard-won authority that arises only from the exercise of disciplined curiosity.’