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Triple Baritone is a Toronto based 3-Baritone sax jazz ensemble that plays modern and straight-ahead jazz. Lead by Alec Trent on the baritone sax, the group was put together in 2016 for his 3rd year university recital. Joining Alec on baritone saxes is Conrad Gluch and Alex Manoukas. Backed up by Chris Brinton on acoustic bass and Patrick Armstrong on drums. The group plays arrangements of Gerry Mulligan classics and other baritone sax jazz favourites. Over the past year, Triple Baritone has been performing regularly at the Rex Hotel and other venues in downtown Toronto. Triple Baritone’s goal is to explore jazz through a unique lens and share their discoveries with all audiences.

Alec Trent – Baritone Saxophone

Alex Manoukas – Baritone Saxophone

Patrick Smith – Baritone Saxophone

Evan Gratham – Bass

Patricio Llovet – Drums