Yves Leveille Quartet

Yves Léveillé quartet: “Chorégraphie“
This project allows us to hear the music from the latest album by the pianist Yves Léveillé “Chorégraphie“ (FND 103) as well as several new compositions. With this quartet or play area offers opportunities for more open interpretation, the artist’s compositions are beautifully served by a group of outstanding musicians.
The music of composer and pianist is rooted in several streams: traditional and modern jazz, classical and world music.
In a constant process of research, he surprises us with the most refined harmony and a magnificent sense of melody. The music of the musician challenges us in our sensitivity.
Les Musiciens du Quartet:
Yves Léveillé : Piano et Composition
Roberto Murray: Saxophones
Adrian Vedady: Contrebasse
Alain Bastien : Batterie