Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any live jazz tonight?

Yes, in fact, we have live music every night of the week. 18 bands per week, almost 100 per month, and nearly 1000 live performances every year!

Is there a dress code?

No. It is as casual as possible, so come as you are, and prepare to mingle with a wide array of characters.

Can I bring someone to hear the jazz if they are under 19?

Absolutely. Since the "Smoking Ban" has been put in place in Toronto bars and restaurants, we can now welcome jazz listeners of all ages. However, we are required to check valid identification to serve alcohol to any person and can refuse service on these grounds.

Is The Rex Hotel wheelchair accessible?

Yes, but as the washrooms are elevated one step above street level, we ask that those in need of wheelchair accessibility enter through our St.Patrick Street entrance at the North West corner of the building.

Do you have any parking?

The Rex Hotel does not have parking but there are two pay parking lots just north of us on St.Patrick Street, one indoor and one outdoors. Street parking on Queen Street and McCaul Street is available on a first-come, first-serve basis after 6:00pm on weekdays.

What time are you open in the morning?

We are open for coffee and breakfast from 7 in the morning.

What time does your kitchen close?

The kitchen closes every night at 12:00 midnight.

How old is your average clientele?

It really depends on who is on stage, but our clientele ranges in age from those who remember the good old days to those who have only heard of the good old days. On any given day we can see university students, young urban professionals, Queen Street regulars, Bay Street movers and shakers, couples out for dinner and Grandma and Grandpa out to hear the music they remember.

Do you have a patio or smoking lounge?

The Rex Hotel has a patio, but there is no smoking permitted on our patio in accordance with Ontario law.

What are the "Tuesday Jazz Jams" all about?

Each week a different house band hosts the Classic Rex Jazz Jam. It works like this; the house band plays from 9:30 to 10:30 "sans jammers", and after that the stage is opened up to anyone with serious jazz chops. Of course, you have to speak with the band-leader before tooting your own horn.

Do I have to eat or can I just come for the music?

Whether you are sipping herbal tea or eating a four-course meal, we would love to serve you. Come for the music, stay for the jazz!

Is there a cover charge?

As there is usually not a cover charge, the band will pass the tip jar and we hope that if you enjoy the music, you will make a contribution. We do have a cover charge (approximately $5-$15) for roughly 5 of our 18 shows a week. These covers will most likely be for our 9:30pm shows.

Can I make a reservation for the jazz club?

No reservations during showtimes, as we are a first-come first-served establishment. You can come in anytime, but we generally recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to a performance start time.

What kind of food can we expect?

Our high-quality pub fare menu is not only delicious, but very affordable. Do not forget to ask about our homemade daily specials.

What methods of payment does The Rex accept?

Credit, Debit and Cash.